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Discovery Station: Where life and life science seamlessly converge

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Discovery Station will be a vigorous hub of innovation, purpose-built to house world-leading laboratories and premier research facilities. State-of-the-art labs that integrate cutting-edge technology with eco-conscious sustainability will provide a dynamic platform for next-generation scientific exploration.

What sets Discovery Station apart is not only its trailblazing labs but the vibrant community that surrounds them. Imagine a lively campus and a close-knit community where scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs thrive as professionals and as neighbors. A place where bright, ambitious people share a sense of purpose—pursuing breakthroughs that can radically transform human health and well-being. Where they can do their best work while staying closely connected to the human lives that inspire it.

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A Vibrant Community

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Where scientific endeavors meet human experiences

Forget the typical image of a sterile, lifeless life science cluster. Every square foot of Discovery Station has been carefully curated to cultivate the kind of energy and vibrancy top professionals seek in the places they work and live.

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Plenty of places to dine, shop and recharge
Discovery Station’s vibrant campus puts everything you need within easy reach. Lively bars and restaurants offer fun gathering spots for outdoor drinks and good food. You can pick up groceries anytime in a brand-new Safeway that’s open 24/7. Retail shops make lunch-hour shopping easy.
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Space made for community and collaboration
A beautiful landscaped three-acre outdoor gathering space provides an open-air workspace, ideal for meetings, brainstorming sessions, or networking events. Lush green spaces, intertwining pathways, and communal gathering spots make it easy to walk and unwind with friends. On-site cafes offer a perfect place for one-on-one conversations. From end to end, this campus is a place to build community, collaborate on ideas, and innovate, together.
Modern luxury and an unbeatable commute
This dynamic neighborhood includes thousands of newly built multifamily units all within a 5-minute walk of Discovery Station’s campus. scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs from different disciplines will live alongside one another creating an energetic, interconnected community that’s uniquely its own.
A remarkably unique campus in a preeminent life science cluster.
You’ve arrived in the place where breakthroughs happen.
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A remarkably unique campus in a preeminent life science cluster.

Conveniently connected Discovery Station offers seamless accessibility.

You’ve arrived in the place where breakthroughs happen.

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Business locations

With easy access to Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and Caltrain, commuting is a breeze. It’s a prime location perfectly positioned for tapping into the Bay Area’s rich ecosystem of academic, technological, and medical research centers, as well as recreational and cultural venues.

For people doing the important work of improving lives

Discovery Station is not your typical life-science cluster, but an extraordinary new neighborhood pulsating with life. It’s the ideal home for companies and individuals who not only seek best-in-class lab facilities, but who also seek to balance the demands of work with the rhythms of everyday life. It is a unique opportunity for professionals who dedicate themselves to human health and well-being to stay in close contact with the very human lives that motivate their work.


A welcoming, vibrant community of innovators


  • Shuttle to/from BART & Caltrain
  • Conference center 15,000 SF
  • Fitness center 10,000 SF
  • Restaurant & bar 10,000 SF
  • 3-acre central outdoor gathering space
  • Large private roof terraces in each building
  • Safeway (open 24 hrs)
  • Chipotle, coffee shop, and brick oven pizza restaurant
  • Bike storage, shower, and locker facilities in each building
  • 40,000 SF solar panel array on parking garage
  • Nearby residential developments


  • ~ 1,600 Life Science parking spaces
  • 1.7/1,000 parking ratio, up to 2.0/1,000 w/ valet
  • Building 1 basement parking with ~ 100 spaces
Purpose built
lab spec

R&D / Office buildings

  • 840,000 SF total across 3 buildings
  • Designed to LEED Gold
  • WELL certified

Efficient floor plates

  • 40,000 – 55,000 SF floorplates

Floor height

  • 18’ 1st floor
  • 16’ floor

Column spacing

  • 33’-6” column spacing

Structural capacity

  • 100 LBS/SF load
  • 8,000 MIPS
  • 2,000 MIPS at ground floor buildings B2 & B3

World class purpose-built laboratory space centered within an energized, interconnected community

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Our vision


SteelWave and Affinius Capital are driven by a shared vision: to craft exceptional environments and provide unparalleled experiences for our tenants, enabling them to focus on the vital work they undertake. We never lose sight of the human realities that motivate scientific exploration, so we intentionally develop communities where scientists stay connected to and energized by the people who inspire their work. These are the places where breakthroughs happen. Where innovation is in the service of humanity.

Learn about Infinite, another of our new South San Francisco life-science ecosystems where human ambitions are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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